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The church in the present day continues to face many challenges concerning the defense for the faith "which as once for all handed down to the saints" (Jude 3). Sadly, amidst this era's modern publishing industry, it is not uncommon to have alien, innovative, and heretical doctrines introduced into the local church via the printed page. Unfortunately, many of the published works of this generation yield little spiritual benefit, though they often produce a great deal of monetary profit for their authors and producers. A brief visit to one's local book store will serve as a clear reminder that not all that sells well is necessarily profitable to one's soul. While we are thankful to the Lord that there are still several publishers who are concerned most with the content that they distribute, sadly, their numbers are dwindling.

At The Armoury Ministries there is one central question which governs our publishing choices: what will honor and glorify Jesus Christ? This stands against the more popular question: what will titilate and sell well to the masses? This simple distinction is no small matter, and it is upheld as the principal priority over all ministry choices at The Armoury Ministries.

Available Works & Works in Progress:

My Banner is Christ -
An Appeal for the Church to Forsake
the Idolatry of
and Return to the Priority of
Solus Christus

This work in progress addresses the danger of celebrity worship within Christ's body. The Reformers heralded the priority of Solus Christus for a very important reason - Christ alone must be the church's first love and sole authority or all is lost.

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The Fallible Prophets of New Calvinism



German (CH 2)


Altar to an Unknown Love





Works in Progress